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Osteoarthritis Of Knee

ACL LAXITY DEX: Reeves et al 2003
Dextrose tightens loose ACL ligament by simple Reeves KD Hassanein K Long term effects of dextrose prolotherapy for anterior cruciate ligament laxity: A prospective and consecutive patient study. Alt Ther Hlth Med May-Jun 2003, 9(3): p58-62.
To read the entire study click here –> View ACL Laxity Study

Method: 16 knees with machine measured ACL laxity (KT-1000 arthrometer) were injected bimonthly with 10-25% dextrose solution for 1 year and then an average of 4 times yearly thereafter until 3 year follow-up.

Summary: Using simple dextrose injection into 16 knees with a loose ACL ligament, 10/16 knees were no longer loose by machine measurement at time of follow-up, and symptoms were improved. Symptom of osteoarthritits improved even in those who still tested loose. At the 3 year follow-up pain with walking had improved by 43% , subjective swelling improved 63%, flexion range of motion improved by 10.5 degrees, and KT1000 ADD (machine measure of ACL ligament looseness) improved by 71%.

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