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Bio-Identical Hormones


Bio-Identical Hormones

Is It For You?

As we age, our hormone production changes. When hormones are in balance, studies show that your body operates at its healthiest and most efficient level. Unfortunately, the levels of the hormones your body needs to function optimally decreases as you age. And with the stresses of life, whether physical, mental or emotional, our hormone systems have added demands. Although originally thought of for women during the menopausal years, hormone deficiency can affect women and men at any age. More recent therapies promise anti-aging effects and possible deferral of the diseases of aging.

Some things that can be affected by a hormone deficiency are: hot flashes; memory loss; fatigue; muscle strength; libido; insomnia, effects of aging; irritability; mood; hair loss, immune function, stress; healing after a sprain, strain or injury; muscle aches; vaginal dryness; dry skin; bone density; insomnia; blood pressure; blood sugar levels; constipation and more.

At Pacific Prolotherapy and Medical Wellness Center we use Bio-Identical Hormones to supplement what is out of balance in your body. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses supplemental doses of hormones with a chemical structure identical to endogenous human hormones (hormones naturally produced in the human body). BHRT differs from conventional hormone replacement therapy which by definition uses animal or synthetic hormones whose structures differ from those produced in the human body. Conventional hormone replacement therapy also uses patented medicines that come in standard sizes. This is generally a one-size-fits-all dosage regime.

In an individualized approach like the one at Pacific Prolotherapy and Medical Wellness Center,
we begin by evaluating your need for hormone replacement therapy with a thorough history followed up by comprehensive testing. Once we determine where hormonal deficiencies exist, patients are prescribed precise dosages of bio-identical hormones based upon their specific and particular needs. This hormone replacement therapy plan is aimed at helping you look and feel your best. Our hormones are made up especially for our practice at a holistic (compounding) pharmacy. Our goal is to get the desired results with the lowest possible dosages.

Once hormone replacement therapy helps bring your levels back to optimal concentration, it may help you feel more energized, achieve a leaner, stronger physique, stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase bone strength, boost memory, improve skin tone and more.

So what are you waiting for? As time goes on, your hormone deficiencies will only get worse.
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