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Holistic / Integrative Medicine


Holistic / Integrative Medicine

Holistic or Integrative Medicine is a multi-faceted approach to wellness. It is more than not being sick.  Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, this approach to health considers the whole person. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning at the best possible level.  Often referred to as personalized or individualized medicine, healthcare based on the integrated/holistic model is considered by most practitioners today to be the future of medicine.

It couples current scientific advances with the best that alternative medicine has to offer. It expands our ability to preserve health, increase longevity and speed recovery. It does not end when you leave the office. As a lifestyle, it includes a personal commitment to move toward the right end of the wellness continuum. No matter what their current status of health, people can improve their level of well-being. Even when there are temporary setbacks, movement is always headed toward wellness.

An integrative/holistic approach to healing goes beyond just eliminating symptoms. For example, taking an aspirin for a headache would be like disconnecting the oil light on the dash of a car when it flashes. The irritation is eliminated, but the real problem still exists. In holistic/integrative medicine, a symptom is considered a message that something needs attention.  So, the symptom is used as a guide to look below the surface for the root cause. Then what really needs attention can be addressed.

Holistic Medicine utilizes the most effective, safest and least expensive treatments to help individual patients achieve the best health possible. It appreciates the value of good scientific information, but it is not confined to evidence-based medicine, which strives to limit variables and identify which treatments are helpful for the majority of patients. Holistic/Integrative Medicine recognizes that patients can be very complex individuals, who might benefit from a variety of treatments, not all of which are "proven" effective by expensive randomized clinical trials. Holistic/Integrative Medicine puts a premium on treatments that are very low risk and affordable to most people. It tends to choose natural remedies, as opposed to drugs and surgery. It emphasizes mind-body connections, balance, homeostasis, and restoring normal function. It tries to achieve confidence and peacefulness in a medical world that too often creates fear and anxiety.

Holistic Medicine supports reaching higher levels of wellness as well as preventing illness. People enjoy the vitality and well-being that results from their positive lifestyle changes, and are motivated to continue this process throughout their lives.

Pacific Prolotherapy and Wellness Center focuses on disease prevention. We explain and discuss all possible treatments with you, taking the time to answer your questions carefully and honestly.

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