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Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy


Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy

IV (intravenous) therapy is used to administer nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, directly into the bloodstream. Because this method bypasses the need for nutrients having to be absorbed through the gut, nutrients are better able to be delivered to the tissues in need.

Also, this route allows for a higher concentration of nutrients to be delivered to the tissues than does oral supplementation. Oral intake of high doses is simply not possible due to absorption limitations from the digestive process. Patients can get up to 10 times the nutrients in one treatment as they could get orally in one day.

A good example of this is the use of Vitamin C when trying to overcome a cold due to a virus.  The useful antiviral effects of Vitamin C are seen when blood levels are around 10-15 mg/dL. This level is achievable with IV therapy but is usually not with oral intake.  Oral dosage typically peaks with blood levels around 1.2-4.0 mg/dL vs. IV therapy of 50-90 mg/dL. Goals of IV Therapy:

  • To BYPASS intestinal barrier
  • To PROVIDE optimal amounts of nutrients
  • To EXPEDITE recovery from acute infections
  • To ELIMINATE the need for medications when feasible 
  • To RESTORE the functional integrity of enzyme pathways
  • To PROTECT tissues from injuries caused by Chemotherapy/Radiation/Medications

IV therapy can benefit a variety of conditions including:
Fatigue, Improved Athletic Performance, Immune System Support and Balance, Colds, Flu,
Acute or Chronic Infections (Viral/Bacterial), Fever, Migraines/Headaches, Nutritional Support, Detoxification, Nutrient Deficiencies, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Digestive Disorders, Ulcerative Colitis/Crohns Disease, Pre/Post Travel, Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies, Hepatitis, Cancer Support, Preventative Care, and More.

IV Therapy can also be used for heavy metal toxicity: lead, mercury, zinc, cadmium, etc. 
It can “chelate” (pull out) these metals and eliminate toxic conditions caused by them

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