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Orthopedic & Sports Medicine


Orthopedic & Sports Medicine

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC is only one of a handful of physicians in the US with both medical and chiropractor degrees. He is board certified in both disciplines.

Dr. Fields specializes in Sports and Orthopedic Medicine and has over 25 years of experience in treating joint and sports injuries. He is also an active triathlete and has completed over 50 triathlons, including five Ironman Races. Dr. Fields is also known as The Athletic Doc®.

Orthopedic Medicine is a specialty devoted to the evaluation, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal and joint problems.

Sports Medicine is an interdisciplinary specialty of medicine which deals with the treatment and preventive care of athletes and their sports injuries.

Dr. Fields sees a wide variety of sports and joint injuries and has extensive knowledge of  successful treatments and therapies. Many patients come to Dr. Fields to get help in repairing a joint or sports injury and to avoid having surgery. Sometimes they come to Dr. Fields after they have had surgery that just did not “work out right”.

If non-surgical treatment of your joint, spine or sports injury is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Many non-surgical treatments are available including Prolotherapy, PRP or Stem Cell are excellent techniques for fixing injured or damaged joints.

Joint problems and Sport Injuries are very common. Finding the cause of your injury is very important. Treating the symptom such as a torn meniscus, bulging disc or torn labrum will not make the cause go away. Most joint problems are caused by weak, torn or damaged ligaments and/or tendons. Since these hold joints together, if they are damaged, then the joint dysfunctions. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse.

Dr. Fields simple advice:

  • Don’t try and turn off pain; pain warns you to slow down or stop.
  • Don’t mask the pain with pills since you will lose the body’s warning signs.
  • Ignore pain at your peril or you’ll get what you deserve - a long break from exercise and/or doing your normal daily activities!

Many athletes and non-athletes alike are overwhelmed by the choices out there: ice, heat, prescription medicines, supplements, NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory medicines), chiropractic, surgery, massage, Prolotherapy, physical therapy, Acupuncture, rest and even doing nothing. It is hard to decide which one is best for your injury.

With a thorough evaluation -- which includes a history, orthopedic and neurological exams and may include some lab tests -- Dr. Fields can help you decide the optimal way to treat your joint problem or sport injury.

So, the next time you have a sports injury, come see Dr. Fields so that your injury will get the best of care. Remember that once done, surgery can never be “un-done”

Dr. Fields says: Prolotherapy First; Surgery Last!

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