Dr. Peter A. Fields, MD DCPacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center is dedicated to providing quality health care.

The Center is run by Peter A. Fields, MD,DC -- one of a handful of physicians in the nation with both medical and chiropractic degrees. This combination of degrees gives Dr. Fields a broad area of knowledge and expertise that benefits his patients.

Prolotherapy is a natural non-surgical method of assisting the body to heal injured or weakened joints, ligaments and tendons. With Prolotherapy, the weakened areas are injected with a solution that stimulates the growth of healthy, strong tissues. As the tendons and ligaments grow stronger and vibrant, the pain is alleviated and motion is restored. Whether a joint, ligament or tendon is causing you pain or limited movement, Prolotherapy might be the right choice for you. Prolotherapy can also help with arthritis, tendinitis (tennis elbow), bursitis, headaches and more.

In addition, The Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center offers an integrative approach to health and fitness. We combine cutting-edge Western medicine with a blend of natural therapies to provide the most effective, least invasive path to optimal health and sustained wellness.

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