Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center is dedicated to providing the best of Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine by offering non-surgical alternatives for joint and spine repair.

The center is run by Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, The Athletic Doc®
who is one of a handful of physicians in the nation with both medical and chiropractic degrees. This combination of degrees gives Dr. Fields a broad area of knowledge and expertise that benefits his patients.

Dr. Fields is a world renowned expert in the field of regenerative orthopedics which includes Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Therapy and Prolotherapy. All of these techniques are alternatives to joint and spine surgery including total joint replacement.


If you are looking for an alternative to surgery on your joint or spine, or do not want a joint replacement, then Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center is the premier place to be.

Dr. Fields has successfully treated thousands of patients and allowed them to continue to lead an active lifestyle without having surgery. Please see our testimonials to hear their stories.

Contact us today and find out if you are a candidate for non-surgical joint or spine repair.


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