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Why Choose OrthoRegen®?

At OrthoRegen®, we want to help you achieve your goals of optimal health and sustained wellness. We will do so using the most effective, least invasive path. After all, this is your health that we are talking about.

The Future of Your Health in This Changing World

Investing in your health is now more important than ever. Most of us are looking for ways to keep our immune system strong so we don’t get sick. It is a new world out there! And we all want to do everything we can to avoid the hospital!  Since the future of health care is changing, you must know what choices are available to you.

OrthoRegen® Is Exclusively a Regenerative Orthopedics Medical Office

The medical office of OrthoRegen® offers Regenerative Orthopedics exclusively. We don’t do surgery. And we don’t use anesthesia. Nor do we give out a bunch of medications. Plus, we don’t just dabble in regenerative medicine or do a procedure once in a while. That’s all we do. And we have been offering regenerative medicine options for many, many years. So that means your practitioners are very experienced.

With that in mind, our goal is to ensure that you will have an exceptional experience throughout your entire process. We offer safe, expedient, and effective treatments to resolve many painful conditions without the need for surgery. And when more advanced treatment is needed, such as in cases of very degenerated joints, OrthoRegen® offers the state-of-the-art Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy. What does that mean? The Gold Standard refers to four different types of regenerative therapies. That’s four! Most clinics use just one.

And that’s why many Los Angeles residents choose us as their regenerative medicine alternative to surgery and joint replacement. With all of that regenerative capability, in most cases, we can resolve the majority of painful musculoskeletal conditions and ultimately enhance the quality of your life and get you back to the activities you love.

If You Are An Athlete with an Injury, Peter A. Fields, MD, DC Understands, Because He Is An Athlete Too

Why Choose OrthoRegen®

                             Why Choose OrthoRegen®: Our Philosophy

As an athlete himself, Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, also understands how important it is to stay in the game.  That, along with his extensive expertise, ensures a higher level of ability and understanding as a regenerative medicine physician because his experience encompasses a much broader knowledge base.

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC is Dual Degreed as Both a Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor

As a medical doctor and one of the leaders in regenerative medicine, Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, has years of experience in regenerative therapies. Therefore, he can seek out the best solution, recommend, and perform the optimal type of regenerative therapy that is right for you. And that means you get the treatment that’s right for you and the best possible therapy to repair your joint.  And all of these regenerative therapies are available right in our clinic.

Plus, Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, is dual degreed as both a medical doctor and a chiropractor. As a chiropractor, he understands the ins and out of every joint. That helps ensure that you won’t need all of the imaging that many physicians order due to their lack of experience locating the problem via manual examination. Sure, if further testing is deemed necessary, it can be prescribed. But a chiropractor’s familiarity with the joints and possible referral pain patterns makes imaging less necessary.

OrthoRegen® has provided hope for patients from all over who are trying to avoid joint surgery. Even if surgery has already been done, Regenerative Orthopedics can provide pain relief. We have many articles on this website that discuss the various conditions you may face and how Regenerative Orthopedics can help. We welcome you to search through them to learn more about our treatments, research, and how we achieve outstanding patient results because of our unique approach. If you are looking for the top pain clinic in the Los Angeles area to actually resolve your pain and not just temporarily cover up the symptoms, let’s talk…Together, we can turn your case around!

Regenerative Orthopedics Is Your Non-Surgical Option When You Injure Yourself?

We are thrilled to enable people to live fulfilling and active lives by resolving their joint pain and injury through comprehensive Regenerative Orthopedics. Why choose surgery when there is an alternative?

Remember, once surgery is done, it can never be undone.

At OrthoRegen®, our team is dedicated to providing highly effective, individualized treatment plans that relieve pain and help you return to sports, work, and activities quickly and safely.

Peter A. Fields, MD DC, is a Los Angeles Prolotherapy doctor and PRP Doctor and the founder of OrthoRegen®.

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