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Stiffness and Soreness: You can expect to be stiff and sore post treatment. This could last from 2 to 7 days. If it lasts longer it is best to call back and keep us informed on how you are doing.

Driving and working: You can drive after you receive Prolotherapy. You may feel a little stiff but will be able to continue with your activities of daily living. We do suggest walking for about five minutes before driving. You will also be capable of working. There are no work restrictions. You may choose not to work if your job involves a lot of standing or lifting.

Prolotherapy 3Pain Medication: Try Tylenol or Tylenol extra strength first. Apply moist heat to the area every 20-30 minutes too. If that does not work, which it usually does in 90% of the cases, you can call the office for a prescription pain medicine.

Numbness:  You may notice some numbness post treatment. This is not unusual as we have nerves all over our bodies and a needle may have irritated one. If this happens, your nerve will heal itself over time. Contact us if burning pain is noted, as medication is important for that symptom.

Bruising:  Bruising is quite common; do not be alarmed by it. Bruising is good for us, as it has growth factors in it.

Exercising:  Exercising is encouraged, but please do not over do it. Pay attention to what your body tells you. If it hurts, take a break! Do not push yourself just because you feel better. You may pay for it later. Use heat to help calm pain or spasms.

Remember that the use of anti-inflammatory medicines and ice are contraindicated.

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