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Townsend Letter: Arthritis

Although many treatments may offer temporary pain relief for arthritis, it is important to find a treatment that does more than chase the symptoms and one that actually repairs the injured soft tissue in order to restore normal motion to the knee joint. In this article in The Townsend Letter,

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Townsend July2014
Stem Cell Prolotherapy

Stem Cell Prolotherapy Take a look at this article published in The Townsend Letter by Peter A. Fields, MD, DC  that covers Stem Cell Prolotherapy. If you've ever wondered what it was all about, this article explains in detail. Ever wonder how you can regenerative cartilage? Has joint replacement been

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Townsend Feb Mar 2014
Elbow Injuries: Townsend Letter

Elbow Injuries At one time or another, about 15% of people in the U.S. will have elbow pain from some type of elbow injuries. These injuries can happen in sports, at work, and even at home. The majority involve a ligament injury. Annular ligament injuries from repetitive motion, like constant

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Townsend January 2014
What is the Cause of Back Pain?

What Is the Cause of Back Pain? Almost anything can cause back pain. Part of the reason is all of the stress we put on our backs. Weight from the upper body, prolonged sitting, sports, being overweight, and poor flexibility all can put added stress on the back. And at

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