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Peter A. Fields, MD DC, is a Stem Cell Doctor in Los Angeles and the founder of OrthoRegen®. Dr. Fields is a leading expert in using Stem Cell Treatments for joint and spine regeneration. With the different forms of Regenerative Orthopedics, Dr. Fields helps people avoid unnecessary orthopedic surgeries. That includes arthroscopic procedures and more extensive surgeries. Dr. Fields is passionate about helping his clients by eliminating their joint pain. Many patients enjoy the increased function and optimal long-term results with the use of Stem Cell Regenerative Treatments.

What is a Stem Cell Doctor?

Stem Cell Doctor Peter Fields Md Dc

     Stem Cell Doctor Peter Fields, MD, DC

A Stem Cell Doctor like Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, provides Regenerative Orthopedics solutions like Stem Cell Therapy, PRP, and Prolotherapy for painful joint conditions. And all of these techniques are non-surgical alternatives to joint and spine repair. When Stem Cell Therapy is recommended, Dr. Fields utilizes the Gold Standard in Stem Cell therapy.

What makes it the Gold Standard? At OrthoRegen, we use 4 different regenerative techniques to provide the greatest outcomes to regenerate the injured soft tissue. Click here to find out more about the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy.

Regenerative medicine is growing in popularity in the medical world as an alternative to invasive orthopedic surgeries, including joint replacement. The remarkable thing about Stem Cells is that when you inject them into a specific area of the body, they know what kinds of cells your body needs – for example, cartilage cells or meniscus cells.

What Conditions Can a Stem Cell Therapy Help?

Dr. Fields treats weakened, torn, or damaged ligaments. So if you are suffering from tendon tears, ligament tears, worn-out cartilage, a torn meniscus, or injured labrum…Regenerative Orthopedics is the ideal non-surgical treatment for you. And excitingly, Stem Cell Therapy is also very effective at treating arthritic conditions…even severe arthritis.

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC has had great success in treating joint conditions with Stem Cell Therapy, including: 

  • “Bone-on-Bone” Arthritis
  • Severe Arthritis
  • Degenerated Joint
  • Torn, Worn, or Missing Cartilage

Click here to find out more about Stem Cell Treatments like Amniotic “Stem Cells” and One-Shot Magic Cures.

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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is an injection treatment of stem cells into the joint or affected area to promote healing. This procedure is usually used in cases such as where a joint replacement has been recommended when patients have been told their joint is “bone-on-bone,” in advanced arthritis, and other aggressive injuries.

As stated earlier, Stem Cell Therapy is just one type of Regenerative Orthopedics. And at OrthoRegen, we use the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy because it is extremely comprehensive to help you avoid invasive surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy at OrthoRegen is a non-surgical healing treatment to repair soft tissue. Stem Cell Therapy incorporates autologous (your own) culture-expanded bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and adipose (fat) stem cells in a platelet-rich-fibrin glue. Then, Dextrose Prolotherapy is applied around the entire area. It really is the best way to achieve the greatest possible results without the need for surgery.

Are Stem Cell Treatments Safe?

Stem Cell Treatments at OrthoRegen are an extremely safe procedure. The risks are far less than those associated with surgery for your chronic joint pain or acute joint injuries. The risks are often also less than taking Ibuprofen (Motrin) for a lifetime to temporarily alleviate chronic pain. As with any procedure, there are risks and side effects that vary depending on the area being treated. The Stem Cell Doctor will discuss these possibilities fully with patients during the pre-treatment consultation. All Regenerative Orthopedic therapies are only recommended after an extensive history and physical exam.

Are You A Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

Have you been told you need to have joint replacement surgery — whether that’s shoulder replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery (or any other joint)? Or has your doctor said that your condition is bone-on-bone or severely arthritic? Then there is a great possibility that Stem Cell Therapy is for you! And you owe it to yourself to examine all surgical alternatives before going under the knife.

Spine Surgery and joint replacement surgery are very invasive procedures. And each comes with its own long list of risks and reasons to avoid it at all costs. Surgery comes with hospital stays, long recovery times, potential (dangerous) complications, and the possible need to have the procedure redone at some point.

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