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Shoulder Arthritis?

Shoulder Arthritis? Are you looking for answers to your shoulder pain? Have been told that there is a good chance shoulder surgery will not work for you? Have you already had surgery but had poorer results than expected? Or are you leaning towards a shoulder replacement because you think it

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Knee Replacement Failure

Understanding Knee Replacement Failure Knee replacement is a huge undertaking. The surgery requires hospitalization and prolonged downtime. But is this surgery just a one-time thing? Unfortunately, it may not be! Additionally, there is also a risk of replacement failure necessitating revision surgery

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Arthritis Knee Treatment

Arthritis Knee Treatment Knee arthritis can put a damper on doing the activities you love. When the degeneration of arthritis interferes with your life, there is an arthritis knee treatment that can get you back to doing what you love. Regenerative Orthopedics are treatments that can repair the arthritic knee

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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment Looking for a back pain treatment to finally give you the relief you are seeking? It's not unusual for back pain sufferers to spend years trying to find relief. Relief may be experienced after massage, manipulations, or heating pads. Or over-the-counter or prescription pain medications may provide

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Remedies For Shoulder Repair

Remedies for Shoulder Repair The shoulder is an incredibly mobile joint. That's a good thing! We need our shoulders to move as they do. However, this mobility also makes the shoulder prone to injury. If you are looking for a remedy for shoulder pain, then you know this first hand.

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Regenerative Orthopedics in Mexico

Regenerative Orthopedics: Fixing Your Joints and Spine Without Surgery Peter A. Fields, MD, DC had a pleasure of lecturing about Regenerative Orthopedics in Mexico at a Medical Convention in Mexico City. Dr. Fields always loves to take the opportunity to educate his peer as well as the public on the

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