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I need to say a big thank you to Dr Fields for getting me back on the tennis court. I am an avid tennis player who tried to ignore the terrible pain in my elbow. It got so bad that I couldn’t do everyday things, let alone hold a tennis racket. After a year of pain, not playing tennis and numerous treatments with both a chiropractor and orthopedist, I didn’t have much faith that anything would help. My chiropractor referred me to Dr Fields. Dr. Fields patiently explained how and why prolotherapy will work. I figured that I had tried everything else and why not give it a try. I had both Dextrose and PRP prolotherapy to try and fix my elbow. I can happily say I am mostly pain free and back to playing tennis 4 to 5 days a week. I am so happy you gave me my game back.

Thanks for everything,


After two orthopedic surgeons told me that my rotator cuff was too atrophied and weak for surgical repair, I discovered Prolotherapy. I researched the procedure and decided to try it. I chose Dr. Peter Fields because he is an athlete and would have more direct knowledge of my particular circumstances than anyone else. After only 5 treatments, I am back to multiple sets of 200lbs. on the bench press and push-ups which really hurt before. It took 15 weeks as opposed to nine months of recovery for rotator cuff surgery and I have no pain whatsoever.

Robert L. Miller 69 yo
Real Estate Developer
Former – US Navy Lieutenant J.G

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I am very active and work out four to five days a week. I had experienced elbow pain for more than one year. I finally went to see a leading orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. During the next 14 months, I was given three cortisone injections and had six acupuncture/acupressure treatments. I was also given anti-inflammatory medicine as well. After all of this, there was no discernable difference. I was unable to work out and was possibly looking at elbow reconstruction.

I was then was referred to Peter A. Fields, MD, DC by my chiropractor. After a thorough examination, Dr Fields decided that Prolotherapy would be beneficial for me. After only two or three treatments, I was able to start getting back to working out and lifting. Following the full course of treatments, I am without any pain and working out as usual. For me finding Prolotherpay not only fixed my problem but helped me avoid surgery.

Thanks Dr Fields!

Colin , 60 yo CEO, Kurgan-Cheviot
Mass Production Jewelry Business


I came to see Dr Peter Fields basically as my “last resort.”
I had pain in my left foot for well over 6 years.
I am a runner – not world class or even a competitive runner, but I LOVE to run – running is my passion. I had reached a point where I couldn’t run a half a mile without bursting into tears from the pain! And I have been known to have a pretty high pain tolerance. I had run 3 marathons and now I couldn’t run a mile.

I had seen numerous orthopedic surgeons…… and not one doctor was able to help me. They couldn’t find anything wrong with my foot- I think they thought I was nuts! But this pain was REAL and I couldn’t run!

I finally went to see my podiatrist – who gave me 3 options:
wrapping my foot for the rest of my life; surgery; or I could try Prolotherapy. Well, I opted to try Prolotherapy. What could it hurt. I couldn’t afford to take 6 months off for foot surgery so Prolotherapy was my last option.

WOW is all I can say!

I have my running back! Prolotherapy and Dr Fields gave me back my running!
Running brings me peace, joy and happiness! I can run and I run PAIN FREE!!

I can’t tell you how happy this has made me! I thought I would have to quit running!
But I didn’t! I came to see Dr Fields…and it was the best thing I ever did!
I had approximately 8 treatments on my left foot with AMAZING results.
I am pain free now! To me it’s a miracle!
It’s been a huge transition: crying after a half a mile to running half marathons again, and maybe another marathon down the road!

Dr Fields gave me back my running!
Thank you so very much!

Penny 44 yo
Camera Assistant in the Film Industry
Half and Full Marathon Runner and a Wannabe Triathlete!

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S.I Joint/hip

I just thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you for the time and effort you took with me to make sure that I got the proper treatment for my SI joint/hip issue. After months of visits to an orthopedic doctor, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments and time off from running and riding, nothing was helping my injury. As a very athletic person, this was very upsetting and frustrating.

When it was suggested I try Prolotherapy, I booked an appointment in hopes something would work (after Googling the treatment to see what I could learn!). I want you to know how much it meant to me that you took so much time to learn about the history of my injury, my training and overall health. It was really great to have someone answer ALL of my questions about the treatment, advise me about what I could do training wise and what to expect over the course of the treatment. Five treatments later I am thrilled to tell you that my injury and pain has all but disappeared. Just three weeks ago, I completed a half-Ironman triathlon in Sonoma, something that seemed impossible earlier in the season.

The Prolotherapy certainly worked very well, but I attribute my recovery to more than just the treatment. It was concern, caring and skill as a doctor and chiropractor that helped me get back to what I love…running, riding and swimming.
Thanks again for what you do.
With my best,

Amy 36 yo
Vice President of Development
Arthritis Foundation of America/Southern California Chapter
Member of the Los Angeles Triathlon Club


As they say, getting older is not for sissies! In 2006, I broke my right ankle (yes, in a stupid accident), and was in a cast for the requisite 6 weeks. I was turned loose to recover on my own by using it normally, or as normally as I could. Even though it had been a relatively minor break, it took about one year for me to stop limping and “remembering” the break with every painful step that I took.

In 2008, I had a significantly more serious dislocation of my left ankle from another stupid accident. The pain in this one was excruciating.

Six more weeks in a cast, then six weeks of physical therapy.
The pain was still present; I wondered if my pain would again last for a year or more (as many of the ‘medical’ websites state is the case with a sub-talar dislocation). I then began seeing Dr. Peter Fields to receive prolotherapy treatments for my aching left ankle.

Within five treatments, my pain was gone or mostly gone!
I know that the prolotherapy helped me to heal faster and stronger.
Today, I occasionally get a twinge in the area but is nothing like the “every step” pain that I had experienced with my previous injury.

I credit the prolotherapy and Dr. Fields’ deft application to my recovery.
Next, I am going to try to remember to stop having stupid accidents!
Thanks, again, Dr. Fields

Geri 53 yo MHROD, CPT, CPLP
Performance Consulting and Organization Development

Rib/Chest Wall Pain

For seven years I have had rib/chest wall pain.
Before I started treatment with Dr Fields, the pain would come on about once every month; debilitating pain that even with pain medicines would keep me housebound and curled up on the couch for two to three days at time.

I thought that I had tried everything including regular chiropractic visits, anti-inflammatory medicine, pain medicine and more to get rid of the pain.
I am a very active and physically fit person who goes to the gym 5- 6 times a week.
This was ruining my life.

I wanted to let you know that as of now (as of our last treatment), I am pain-free and fully able to enjoy life again!

In 5 short sessions, you turned me from a skeptic into a believer and I can’t thank you enough.What you do over there is nothing short of pure magic and I believe, believe, BELIEVE!!

Prolotherapy has changed my life and eradicated 7 years of constant pain and you are and will remain the shining star who has given me my life back.

Thank you for everything and I will continue to refer anyone and everyone who I believe could benefit from this treatment.

Thanks again and keep up the good work- you are doing something amazing for people who are desperate and exhausted about their situations and I can’t thank you enough.

Nathania, 27 years old

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I am not a medical doctor. However, I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS), with a strong educational background in body mechanics. I am also an amateur triathlete. I injured a ligament in my right arm during training. This created a constant nagging pain my shoulder.

I thought I was just “stuck with it”, as I happened to be over 50, and would have to tolerate this pain due to my age. No matter what I did, the arm just didn’t seem to get better.

I read about Prolotherapy and did some research on it. I went to see Dr. Fields to get Prolotherapy treatments. After five treatments over four months, the pain in shoulder was completely eliminated. From my personal experience, Prolotherapy is a viable way to treat injured tendons and ligaments. The bottom line: either choose to use healthy, relatively safe alternative procedures like Prolotherapy. Or get expensive MRI’s that miss 50% of injuries, have surgery and/or take pain-killers in order to “get by”.

Prolotherapy treatment is not an overnight cure. But what are a few days of discomfort to promote healing versus a lifetime of chronic pain?
This was a no-brainer for me

Mary, B.S., CLS 51 yo
Member of the Los Angeles Triathlon Club


I started Prolotherapy treatments in December for a problem with my left knee. I could barely bend it and had a lot of pain. From the first treatment, I saw improvement. When you were finished, I could bend the knee so much more and without pain. And even after 9 months post treatment, I’m continually improving the amount I can bend it! But that’s not all. After the left knee was better, you then started treatment on my right knee for a re-injury of an old torn meniscus. After two Prolotherapy treatments, the pain is gone! It happened so fast, I forgot to thank you. So, here it is Dr. Fields – Thank You so much for giving me my knee’s back!

Best Regards,

Jane , 62 years old
Certified Professional Redesigner
ReDesign LA!


I had been having pain and swelling in both knees due to Arthritis. I could not tolerate pain pills. My daughter referred me to Dr. Peter Fields for Prolotherapy treatment. On my first visit to his office in Santa Monica, he examined my knees and explained the procedure to me. I had an appointment on December 1, 2006 for my first Prolotherapy injections on my right knee, alternating with right and left knee a week apart.
After the final treatments ended I am still without all the pain and have more muscle strength in my legs.

Lois – 72 yo

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In January 2007, I went to see Dr. Fields on a recommendation from my podiatrist. I was training for the Los Angeles Marathon, and I was having really bad pain in the second toe of my left foot. I had bunion surgery ten years ago that was causing the problem in my foot. I was unable to complete a run over 13 miles and my foot would hurt for days after attempting a long run.

On Dr. Fields advice, I had four Prolotherapy treatments prior to the marathon. On March 4, 2007, I proudly completed my first marathon. I had another four treatments after the marathon, my foot no longer hurts and I am still running today. My treatments took place in a span of about 6 months. Dr. Fields is an athlete and I think this made a difference in how he treated me and my foot. He never discouraged me from running the marathon. In addition to the help with my foot, Dr.Fields helped me with vitamins and supplements to help my overall health and performance.
I think Dr. Fields is great!!

Katherine 46 yo
Marathon Runner and very active mom of two small children

Knee and Achilles Tendon

I am 68 years old and was enduring chronic pain from osteoarthritis in the knees and an old Achilles tendon injury. Because of the pain, I could not even move about the house without using my walker and was unable to stand long enough to do most of the things I wanted to do. I had been seeing an orthopedic surgeon and was about to undergo arthroscopic surgery on both knees.

My husband had heard about prolotherapy, so we did a little research on it.
We discovered Dr. Fields, and I made the decision to postpone the surgery and begin prolotherapy with him.

I had a series of eight treatment sessions over a period of about nine months, during which Dr. Fields treated both knees and one Achilles tendon. The results have been remarkably positive!

I am not completely pain free, but I can now move about the house and yard and do the chores I love to do, without the walker. My legs feel much stronger, with less pain, and I am very happy I did not get the surgery.

We had to travel more than 60 miles one way for each treatment session with Dr. Fields, and it was well worth it. If you decide on prolotherapy, you probably cannot find a better or more professional practitioner than Dr. Peter Fields.

Sharon, 68 yo


I have been an avid runner for over 20 years and my t shirt collection and metals are something to see. I have run over 500 races, from marathons to 5K’s. I have been lucky to be virtually injury free except for a pain in my left forefoot (metatarsal) area. I tried everything for the pain including seeing numerous doctors (podiatrists to sports medicine docs). I also tried three months of rest, multiple cortisone shots and many anti-inflammatory medicines. No matter what I did, the pain would come back whenever I would start running again. Then a friend asked me if I heard of Prolotherapy. I laughed and said “No, but I’ve tried just about everything else, what have I got to lose”. My friend gave me the web site for Peter A. Fields MD, DC, but even then I was a skeptic. After months of frustration, I finally decided to give Prolotherapy a try so I set up an appointment and went to see Dr Fields.

Dr Fields and his staff are extremely nice and everything was explained thoroughly. It sounded too good to be true. With nothing to lose but the pain, I went for it. After about six treatments, I am almost back to 100%. I just completed my second half marathon, back to back 10-Ks and I am training for a full marathon. My T shirt and medal collect are growing again thanks to Dr Fields. Prolotherapy Works!!!!!

Paul age 53
Avid runner and racer

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