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Elbow Injuries

At one time or another, about 15% of people in the U.S. will have elbow pain from some type of elbow injuries. These injuries can happen in sports, at work, and even at home. The majority involve a ligament injury. Annular ligament injuries from repetitive motion, like constant computer usage, is often the culprit. Other ligaments can be the pain-causing culprit too. And so can tendons.

How Are the Injuries Treated?

Conventional treatment often involves icing, NSAIDS, or even surgery. But icing and NSAIDS both inhibit healing. And many of us prefer avoiding surgery. Right? Remember…once surgery is done, it cannot be undone. And it’s better to not get into that predicament if it can be avoided.

The great news is that Prolotherapy, a non-surgical regenerative treatment option works great at healing both ligament and tendon injuries.

And Regenerative Orthopedics for elbow pain is regenerative. What does that mean? Treatments like Prolotherapy regenerate collagen tissue which means the treatment repairs the injury. And it does it naturally. So that’s good to know, especially since the treatment fixes both the cause and the effect.

Find out more about how Regenerative Orthopedics can heal your joint pain non-surgically by reading this article in the “Townsend Letter.”

Elbow Injuries

What To Do About Elbow Injuries

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