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Cal Chiro Sports Symposium

                                      Cal Chiro Sports Symposium 

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC will be speaking at the Cal Chiro Sports Symposium on May 2nd at 10:30 AM.

Join Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, and your fellow sports chiropractic colleagues for the virtual CalChiro Sports Symposium – Spring Training 2021. The event will take place on Saturday, May 1st – Sunday, May 2nd and continue the following Tuesday, May 4th – Thursday, May 6th.

The topic Dr. Fields will discuss is:

Regenerative Orthopedics: Non-Surgical Repair With Stem Cells /PRP /Prolotherapy+

“What do you do when a patient presents with a torn meniscus? Torn labrum? Torn ligament or tendon? Or they are told to have their joint replaced?  What options do your patients have?

 As both a medical physician and chiropractor, I understand their dilemma and might have a solution that helps your patients avoid unnecessary orthopedic surgeries and all the pitfalls that come with it. As a leader in the field of Regenerative Orthopedics, I can show you not only what can be done, but how it benefits you and your patients. And yes, even with back problems that do not respond to chiropractic care, I might be able to help. Some of my patients are fellow chiropractors that wanted to avoid surgery. This lecture could change your patients’ lives and maybe even yours.

By attending this lecture, you will learn about non-surgical alternatives to invasive orthopedic surgeries and will understand the concept behind Regenerative Orthopedics.”

Are you a chiropractor interested in attending the Cal Chiro Sports Symposium?

If you are a chiropractor and want to join us at the Cal Chiro Sports Symposium, you can click here to register at the Cal Chiro website.

We hope to see you there for this informative conference!

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