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Prolotherapy for Hip and Groin Injuries

Chris - Hip Prolotherapy for Hip and Groin Injuries Hip and groin injuries can quickly become debilitating and escalate into athletic career ending injuries. MRI and arthroscopic surgery are routinely recommended for patients. Other patients may spend months or longer on pain

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Prolotherapy for Elbow Pain

Jennifer - Elbow What Is Causing Your Elbow Pain? The most common cause of elbow pain is injury or overuse, often from sports, work-related overuse projects around your home, or a fall where you might land on or hit your elbow. Most blows to

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Chronic Shoulder Pain

Prolotherapy for Chronic Shoulder Pain Wilbur - Shoulder It's easy to take your own body for granted when your body is working well. But when a part of your body, such as your shoulder, begins to hurt or hurts for an extended period, you

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Stubborn, Persistent Neck Pain

Stubborn, Chronic Neck Pain Since the neck is less protected than the rest of the spine, it is far more vulnerable to injuries and disorders that can cause pain and even restrict your motion. The neck enables the head to move and rotate, but if you are unable to move

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Knee Pain That Won’t Go Away

Regenerative Orthopedics for Annoying Knee Pain Sam - Knee Roberto - Knee (In Spanish) The knee is one of the most crucial joints in the body. To be engaged in everyday activities

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Chronic Pain Overview

Treat Your Chronic Pain With Prolotherapy Dr. Barry Leonard - PRP Knee May - Knee Are you suffering from a back injury, a work-related injury or a sports injury? Is your Chronic Pain

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