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Common Questions for Services at OrthoRegen®

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 Non-Surgical Services at OrthoRegen for Joint Pain

What Is the Payment Policy for Service?

Investing in your health should be very important to you. And we are so happy you have chosen to look into the services offered at OrthoRegen.® 

Since the future of health care is changing, you should be involved with this investment. When you make a financial investment, you measure it by how much it grows each year. Investing in your health pays off in many different ways: wellness, health stability, quality of life, energy, happiness, and more.

Only you can decide what is fair and if it is worth the investment even if you pay out-of-pocket costs for your health care.

We will make every effort to instill the feeling that your time with us is worth it.

Is OrthoRegen® a Fee for Service Office?

Yes! And as a Fee for Service Office, we request that the fee is paid in full at the time of service.

We accept credit cards, checks, or cash for payment of services.

What Should I Expect at the First Visit?

During your first visit to OrthoRegen,® a complete Regenerative Orthopedics history and physical is done. This takes approximately 30-40 minutes. Your regenerative medicine expert will then recommend the best treatment option according to your particular needs and case.

The Regenerative Orthopedic treatment options are explained below with current fees:

We accept credit cards, checks, or cash for payment of services at OrthoRegen.

What Are the Regenerative Orthopedics Fees?

Initial Regenerative Orthopedic Consultation: $550

Prolotherapy Charges:

Small Joint (Foot, hand, fingers, toes, ankle, elbow, TMJ): $500
Medium Joint (Knee, hip, shoulder, ribs): $600
Large Joint (Groin, neck, mid-back, or low back): $1600

Platelet Rich Plasma:

 $550 Plus, the above joint charges

Stem Cell Therapy:

Please call for pricing

What Is the Insurance Policy at OrthoRegen® for Services?

We will provide you with a detailed invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. As noted above, we are a Fee for Service Office. And as such, we request that the fee is paid in full at the time of service.

Since we do not subscribe to any insurance networks, we cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement.

Insurance billing can be up to 40 percent of a medical office’s overhead. It involves a lot of time and effort. We would rather put that time and effort into caring for our patients instead of billing insurance companies. It also helps us keep our prices reasonable.

Remember that health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance carrier.

If so inclined, you can contact your insurance carrier and ask them if they cover an MD office visit (codes: 99203 or 4; 99213 or 4.) They will not tell you how much they cover – only whether they cover it or not. Most insurance companies cover MD’s office visits. This is what we bill for.

All bills are issued under Dr. Fields’ medical license (MD). Unfortunately, there is still no guarantee that insurance companies will reimburse you for your treatments even after they have said yes to complete or partial coverage.

Are You a Medicare of Medi-cal Provider?

No. And since we are not a Medicare or Medi-cal provider, we cannot bill Medicare or Medi-cal.
Please do not ask us to attempt this, as it is not possible.

Are Medical Records or MRI’s/X-rays Necessary?

Any pertinent medical records can be faxed 310-453-1234 to the office prior to your visit. The report of the MRI/X-ray can also be faxed or brought with you.

Actual MRIs or x-rays are not absolutely necessary but may be brought with you.

How Long Is Each Visit?

The first visit is approximately one hour. Each additional visit is about half an hour unless there is more than one area being treated. You can discuss this with the doctor on your first visit.

Can I Receive Treatment at the Initial Visit?

If after your history and examination it is determined that you are a good candidate for Regenerative Orthopedics treatments, then after reviewing the recommendations with your clinician, you can receive treatment on your first visit.

We are excited that you are looking into this non-surgical alternative. Are you ready to get back to all the things you loved doing before pain changed your life? We are here to help you get your life back. Call us soon!

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