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Foot Pain

                        Resolve Foot Pain with Prolotherapy

Annoying foot pain affects about a quarter of the population. And let’s face it, most of us spend a lot of time on our feet. Every time we take a step, we put half of our body weight on our feet. Add running and jumping place into the mix, and you have even more stress placed on them. So, it doesn’t come as any surprise then, that a bunch of Americans would end up with foot pain.

Poorly fitting shoes can add to the pain too. And some foot shapes and conditions like flat foot can add to the problem too. Also, forefoot or toe problems, like hammer toe and bunions are conditions that can cause foot pain.

Oftentimes, an underlying problem of ligament or tendon injury or weakness is at the core and is the pain causing culprit.

What Helps Foot Pain Besides Surgery?

Regenerative Orthopedics like Prolotherapy, PRP, and Stem Cell Therapy Can!

Regenerative therapies, like Prolotherapy, are becoming more and more widespread as a form of non-surgical pain management. And they are very often used in relieving pain associated with tendon and ligament injuries in the joints. But how effective is it?

How Effective Is Prolotherapy and What Does the Research Show?

Studies have shown that Prolotherapy boosts the production of new collagen.1 And they have also shown that Prolotherapy improves ligament and tendon diameter and strength.2 Therefore, Prolotherapy doesn’t just take some pain away. It can actually repair the tendon or ligament. And that is great news. Very often then, in tendon and ligament injury, the person can avoid surgery by choosing this therapy instead. And who doesn’t want to avoid surgery?

What About Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciosis?

Yeah, plantar fasciosis is a pretty painful foot condition. Can Prolotherapy help? In an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the researchers noted that 16 out of 20 patient with plantar fasciosis who received Dextrose Prolotherapy had good to excellent results.3 And these were cases of chronic, persistent pain lasting an average of 21 months.3 That sounds like a lot of relief!

Regenerative Orthopedics, Like Prolotherapy, Are Effective Treatment Options for Persistent Foot Pain

Dextrose Prolotherapy can be used on patients who have months or even years of unresolved foot pain. And Regenerative Orthopedics  can improve the quality of life for those who suffer from annoying, persistent foot pain. Patients who have received this treatment have reported “less pain, stiffness, depressed and anxious thoughts, medication usage, as well as improved walking ability, sleep and exercise ability.”Why put up with pain, when you have an alternative.

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