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Claire. Pro Triathlete

Claire, a Pro-Triathlete, avoided joint replacement with     Regenerative Orthopedics

Avoid Joint Replacement and Stay Active

We see many people in our office who want to avoid joint replacement. This scenario occurs more often than you might imagine. Folks of all ages come seeking treatment.

They come because they want to continue their distance running, weightlifting, bicycling, and other activities. They come because the pain is getting in the way of the things in life they enjoy, and they want that to change.

Looking for an Alternative to Joint Replacement

Frequently, they have been told that their problem, which is likely arthritis, is too advanced, and the only option left is a joint replacement. Meanwhile, the sufferer looks for an alternative, often left to chase symptoms, taking pain medications and trying various therapies in an attempt to find some relief.

They hear about OrthoRegen®, and call or email us, inquiring whether Regenerative Orthopedics can help them, so they don’t have to replace their joint. In the majority of musculoskeletal pain cases, Regenerative Orthopedics can give you pain relief, while improveing the function of your joint.

Yes, Regenerative Orthopedics Works Even After Many Other Treatments Fail

How does Regenerative Orthopedics work if so many treatment options have already failed? Many treatment suggestions are therapies that ONLY prolong or delay the need for joint replacement. You are likely familiar with over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medications like NSAIDS and steroids.

There are also injectable medications, such as corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid injections. These treatments are not curative though. And they only give temporary relief. Some, such as NSAIDS and steroids, actually weaken the joint further, which only promotes the arthritic process.

Regenerative Orthopedics encourages collagen formation at the joint. It stimulates the body to repair itself, heals injured ligaments and tendons, and stimulates new tissue formation. And it doesn’t just cover up pain or chase symptoms.

Regenerative Orthopedics Repairs the Joint.

Why not choose an alternative that works by repairing your joint and eliminating the pain? Regenerative Orthopedics, including Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Comprehensive Prolotherapy, is an effective way to treat your degenerated joint.. And it does it in a non-surgical manner.

Be Aware! Not All Stem Cell Therapies Are Alike!

If you are like many who desire to avoid a joint replacement, you have probably already looked into Stem Cell Therapies. Or you have even gone to a seminar. If you have been to a seminar, the presenter may have emphasized the need to get some type of amniotic stem cell product.

The line of thinking is that if you are older, your stem cells are too old, so you need donated cells! This is not the truth! First of all, it is important to understand that amniotic “stem cells” are void of live stem cells. How is that possible? The process necessary to make them available to you actually kills the live cells.

On the other hand, your own stem cells are still alive and potent enough to work. Why use a donated product when you have your own live cells?

What Does OrthoRegen® Do Differently Than Other Clinics?

Clinics in the United States that use a patient’s own stem cells, take the stem cells from bone marrow or from the fat in the abdominal area. Once they have retrieved the cells, they are then reintroduced into the degenerated or injured joint.

At OrthoRegen®, we use the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy. Many other clinics use just one form of treatment. For example, they may use bone marrow stem cells only. Or they may possibly just use PRP. The Gold Standard encompasses four types of treatments, including stem cells from bone marrow, stem cells from fat, platelets from blood (PRP), and comprehensive dextrose Prolotherapy.

Isn’t Just One Type of Regenerative Therapy Enough?

In many instances, just one type of regenerative therapy may be sufficient enough to bring healing. Dextrose Prolotherapy, for example, is known to stimulate repair of a painful, degenerated area. As it boosts the normal healing abilities in the injured area, it also attracts immune cells to the degenerated structure for the purpose of repair and healing. And it is possible that we may recommend this therapy, depending on the diagnosis.

However, when a joint is damaged or degenerated to the point where the surgeon wants to replace it, and greater levels of regeneration are needed due to the severity, it would make sense to choose the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy. The Gold Standard is uniquely effective at repair of the degenerated joint.

Avoid Joint Replacement with Regenerative Orthopedics

By treating the whole joint in a comprehensive manner, a more complete repair is established. The annoying, persistent and disabling pain of arthritis is almost always due to underlying injured soft tissue. Like in ligament and tendon injuries, which cause the joint to be unstable.

The injury to the soft tissue occurred after some type of trauma (even an old sprain) or wear and tear. And the weak ligaments cause the joint to move in an abnormal motion. Over time, this abnormal joint motion will injure other joint structures, setting the joint up for the degeneration that occurs in the arthritic process. By treating the joint comprehensively, Regenerative Orthopedics stimulates the repair of the injured joint structures. The treatment stops the abnormal joint motion, and halts the degenerative process.

Using the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy

When the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy is used, this treatment combination helps to regenerate the joint when cartilage has been lost. It also stimulates the other soft tissue structures to repair and strengthen, which fixes the root problem of joint instability. The results are the elimination of pain and the return to function for those with degenerative joint conditions.

Regenerative Orthopedics is an effective treatment option for those desiring to avoid surgery and get back to the sports and level of activities they love. Even after many other treatments have failed! Don’t let joint pain put a damper on your active lifestyle. Non-surgical Regenerative Orthopedics can resolve your joint pain and help you to meet your activity goals.

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