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Prolotherapy Treatment on KCAL/CBS by Peter A. Fields, MD, DC 

Have you ever seen a Prolotherapy Treatment? Watch it here. In this episode, the folks at KCAL/CBS talk about Prolotherapy while Dr. Fields treats a patient with knee pain. Karen lived with knee pain for a long time after tearing her meniscus in a skiing accident. Prolotherapy treatments repaired her knee. She got rid of her pain too! And you can get rid of your joint pain because this non-surgical treatment actually repairs the source of the pain. Prolotherapy is extremely effective at joint repair and pain reduction. Watch now! 

In this episode, KCAL 9 Los Angeles shows how a Prolotherapy can repair injured or painful joints. Do you have arthritis? If you do, you’ll be happy to know that this popular technique reduces arthritis pain in many patients. And it treats other joint conditions as well. Pain causing tendonitis, bursitis, and other joint conditions are helped too!

Is it surgery? No, a Prolotherapy treatment is a natural non-surgical method that assists the body to heal injured or weakened joints, ligaments, and tendons. And with Prolotherapy, the weakened areas are injected with a natural solution that stimulates the growth of healthy, strong tissues. Plus, as the tendons and ligaments grow stronger and vibrant, the pain is alleviated.

The repair is quick too. And after about two or three treatments, most people notice quite a difference. Then, after a few more treatments, people are back to full function. Why wait? Repair your joint, and get back doing life like you want to. Are you an athlete with a sports injury? We can help you too! Call us today at 310-453-1234.

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