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Nagging Back PainNagging Back Pain

Can’t get a break from nagging back pain? We understand! Many people with back pain are desperate to find relief. Unfortunately, that desperation leads some to get caught in a cycle of chasing symptoms with medication and steroid injections.

But these common treatments often do not solve the problem. Why is that? Well, they aren’t able to actually repair the problem. They are, in many cases, just a bandaid.

Back Pain Is Quite Prevalent

Back pain is among the top causes of disability in the US. That means lots of people live life suffering from this condition. Does this sound like you? Does your back hurt after sitting or standing too long or after certain activities? Of course, you want relief!  Fortunately, there is an answer.  Plus, it does not require surgery! Regenerative Orthopedics is an effective non-surgical option to resolve back pain. And yes, we did say non-surgical!

But why don’t the common treatments make the nagging back pain disappear?

You very likely have tried various treatments in an effort to get relief. But the pain doesn’t stop no matter what you try. Often, the pain remains because the underlying causative factor has not been resolved.

You’ve tried pain medications, but the pain comes back since the problem is really just covered up. And although cortisone or steroid injections may offer short-term relief, they don’t promote repair either. The root problem needs to be addressed in order for the repair to occur. Otherwise, back pain will continue to interfere with life.

What is the problem then, and how do you fix it?

Very often, the underlying problem is one of instability. What does that mean? To begin with, bony structures in the body are held together by soft tissue. That soft tissue includes structures such as ligaments. Ligaments connect bone to bone and are a very important stabilizing structure in joints.

The vertebra of the spine also has ligaments that provide stability. Therefore, back pain can occur when these structures become weakened and unstable, either through injury or wear and tear.

Chiropractors can provide excellent relief in the majority of nagging back pain cases. However, when back pain becomes more and more frequent and the adjustments do not hold, then ligament and/or tendon injuries may be at the root of this back pain problem.

How is this instability fixed? The weakened and overstretched ligaments can be strengthened and tightened! What’s the best treatment to do that? Regenerative Orthopedics treatments are the best for this condition.  Regenerative Orthopedics includes Stem Cells, PRP, and Prolotherapy. And they are great at repairing soft tissue. These treatments have been shown for many years to be the therapy of choice to strengthen soft tissue structures.

Does the Research Back that Up?

A 2021 article in the “Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation” reviewed several studies that demonstrated Prolotherapy and PRP’s beneficial results in improving, repairing, and resolving back pain, even in cases of failed back surgery. Rather than the opinion of just one study, this study reviewed multiple studies in order to reach the conclusion that “regenerative treatment to injured ligaments has the potential and ability to strengthen the ligament and relieve back pain.”

Regenerative Orthopedics for Nagging Back Pain

Regenerative Orthopedics strengthens the ligaments and their connecting attachments, making the whole area stronger and more stable while alleviating the pain. Treatment to the back results in a high rate of improvement, with increased functional abilities, a return to desired activities and exercise, and a reduction and usually the elimination of the need for pain medication. 

If you are looking for relief or to avoid back surgery, Regenerative Orthopedics is a treatment you should seek out. At OrthoRegen, we have helped those with back conditions such as degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, sciatica, and many more.

Are you in a pain-chasing cycle and looking to finally find relief and repair. Please give us a call at (310)453-1234. We’d love to help you eliminate your back pain and symptoms.


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