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Cervical Instability 2

Neck Pain Treatment: Suffering from Cervical Instability?

Neck pain and neck instability wreak havoc in a patient’s life. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident or has hit their head, you are probably familiar with the symptoms that follow afterward and have sought neck pain treatment. Are you experiencing balance problems, neck pain, muscle spasms, dizziness, headaches/migraines, difficulty thinking, and neck mobility issues?

These symptoms are often due to cervical (neck) instability. They are frightening and interfere with your life. If that isn’t bad enough, add to that the reality that many providers lack understanding about cervical instability. The result is exasperation! All you want is to find a treatment that provides relief.

Regenerative Orthopedics: A Neck Pain Treatment and Answer for Cervical Instability

At OrthoRegen®, we understand what is behind cervical instability. We have years of experience treating patients with these symptoms. Why is Regenerative Orthopedics effective in resolving the symptoms of cervical instability? The treatment effectively repairs soft tissue injuries. It’s not a bandaid, like pain medication or medications to relieve some dizziness. It actually repairs the underlying problem of neck instability.

When a person experiences injuries such as whiplash, or when they hurt their neck while hitting their head, the ligaments in the neck are injured and weakened. This sets the person up for cervical instability, and the many symptoms that accompany it.

When these ligaments are injured, they stretch out and become weak, allowing for excessive and abnormal movement in the vertebrae of the neck.

As the instability worsens, so do the symptoms, and so does the frustration with the symptoms.

Your doctor may even suggest surgery to stabilize the neck. Sure, surgery to fuse the vertebrae of the neck may be needed in some cases. However, a second opinion from a Regenerative Orthopedics specialist should be sought when possible. Why? Because Regenerative Orthopedics can often prevent the need for fusion surgery. Plus, Regenerative Orthopedics can strengthen the involved ligaments and restore proper motion to the neck. This cervical instability and neck pain treatment gets to the source of the problem.

Explain the Neck (Cervical) Instability More, Please!

The neck is quite unique! The vertebrae in the neck are smaller and more mobile than all of the movable vertebrae of the spine. That ability is great so the neck can carry out its functions. But they also make the neck more vulnerable to injury.

The ligaments of the neck are primary stabilizing structures that connect adjacent bones. They are especially vulnerable when trauma occurs. The normal neck is stable, moving and functioning properly while remaining in correct alignment, and protecting the blood vessels, nerves, and spinal cord. Injury to the ligaments; however, changes this dynamic, and leads to instability of the cervical spine. Add to that all of the stresses and loads placed upon the neck, and a cycle of imbalance is set in motion generating even more abnormal changes in the vertebral alignment.

Remember that cervical instability involves excessive and abnormal motion between vertebrae. That abnormal motion causes extra stress on the ligaments and the nerve endings within them, and results in a cycle of pain and the variety of aforementioned symptoms.

Ligaments Are a Major Source of Neck Pain and Instability

Ligaments are a major source of the pain and symptoms in cervical instability because of the laxity of ligaments after injury. Regenerative Orthopedics, like Prolotherapy, are effective treatments to strengthen these ligaments. The treatments are safe to relieve the pain and symptoms of cervical instability. (1)

A study in the European Journal of Preventive Medicine says, “We found statistically significant reductions in pain and functionality, indicating the safety and viability of Prolotherapy for cervical spine instability. (2)

An Answer for Cervical Instability and Neck Pain Treatment

Cervical instability changes a person’s quality of life. Sufferers enter a cycle of seeking physician after physician to get some relief. The patient, family and friends become frustrated seeking an answer. But there is an answer. Regenerative Orthopedics can stop the cycle because it effectively strengthens and stabilizes the ligaments at the core of the neck instability problem. The result? A resolution of the disabling symptoms. The cervical instability patient can get back to the activities they love, with decreased pain, and increased function.

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