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Painful Joints? Regenerative Orthopedics Works Even When Other Treatments Fail

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

Stem Cell Therapy Resolves Painful Joints Even When Other Treatments Fail

Regenerative Orthopedics, including Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Dextrose Prolotherapy are non-surgical treatments for numerous conditions causing painful joints. The treatments are often superior to many other treatments at effectively repairing joint injuries. And they eliminate joint pain, getting you back to the activities and the lifestyle you love.

Is joint pain standing in the way of your enjoyment of sports?

Are painful joints making it difficult to do normal, everyday things? At OrthoRegen®, we commonly see patients who have tried a number of different treatments in an effort to find relief from their painful knee, hip, shoulder, back, and multiple joint pain. They have tried over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, cortisone injections, massage, and other treatments, but are still in pain. You may have even tried surgery. Yet they are still in pain.

Does this sound like you? Do you continue to suffer with a painful joint condition even though it seems like you have tried everything, but still experience annoying pain? Unfortunately, this scenario repeats over and over. We hear it all of the time! But there is an answer!

Regenerative Orthopedics: An Effective Joint Repair Solution

Regenerative Orthopedics is effective at repairing many painful joint conditions even after other treatments have failed. How can this be? The reason is because many of the other treatments never treat the root cause of the problem. Think about it. Can Advil really fix a joint problem? Or does it just cover up the pain? Is the problem an Advil deficiency? When you think about it like that, it is obvious that these treatments aren’t the answer, but more of a band-aid approach.

Regenerative Orthopedics has a greater chance at effectively repairing the joint injury and relieving the pain because it is directed at the root cause of the joint pain problem.  The underlying source of the majority of painful joint conditions is joint instability due to ligament and/or tendon injury and weakness. Fortunately, Regenerative Orthopedic treatments, like Stem Cell Therapy, PRP, and Prolotherapy, work great at treating ligament and tendon injuries and weakness, and because of that, they are able to successfully repair joint instability.

How Do Regenerative Orthopedic Treatments Work?

It’s pretty simple. Regenerative Orthopedics involve the injection of different types of natural solutions which are injected into the painful joint areas.  The process stimulates the body’s natural healing cascade, which triggers wound healing properties. This results in tightened and stronger ligaments and tendons, which make the entire joint structure more stable.

And remember, the underlying source of most painful joint conditions is an unstable joint. Therefore, stabilization of the joint with Regenerative Orthopedics repairs the problem at its source and results in pain elimination. Regenerative Orthopedics is beneficial in repairing many different types of sports injuries and various types of persistent joint pain.

Regenerative Orthopedics Treats Most Painful Joint Conditions

At OrthoRegen®, we have seen Regenerative Orthopedics effectively repair most joint injuries and painful joint conditions including neck, back, knee, hip, shoulder and other musculoskeletal pains that are due to ligament and tendon weakness, injury, and joint instability.

In joint injuries such as meniscal tears or labral tears, we have found that the addition of Platelet Rich Plasma, along with Dextrose Prolotherapy is an effective Regenerative Orthopedic technique.

Regenerative Orthopedics and Arthritis

Even arthritis can be treated with Regenerative Orthopedics, because arthritis also has at its core, a problem of joint instability. Regenerative Orthopedics strengthens the entire joint, because the whole joint is treated comprehensively. Persistent joint pain in arthritis is almost always due to underlying injured soft tissue, like the ligaments and tendons, and joint instability.

Left untreated, the weak ligaments cause the joint to move in an abnormal motion. Over time, this abnormal joint motion will injure other joint structures, setting the joint up for degeneration and the arthritic process. Regenerative Orthopedics stimulates the repair of the injured joint structures, stops the abnormal joint motion, and halts the degenerative process.

When degeneration of the joint is more severe, we may recommend the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy. This treatment includes two forms of stem cells (bone and fat), PRP, and Dextrose Prolotherapy. We have found that this combination is quite amazing at regenerating the joint when cartilage has been lost. Plus, it stimulates the other soft tissue structures to repair and strengthen, which fixes the root problem of joint instability. And the result is in the elimination of pain and the return to function in degenerative joint conditions.

Regenerative Orthopedics is an effective treatment option for painful joint conditions, even after many other treatments have failed to resolve your pain. If your pain has persisted to put a damper on your life after having tried numerous other treatments, we urge you to consider non-surgical Regenerative Orthopedics to resolve your joint pain.

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