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Regen.tissue HealingTry Regenerative Treatments for Your Hip Pain or InjuryHip Pain or Injury?

Regenerative treatments offer an effective non-surgical answer for those with hip pain or injury. If you are dealing with hip pain from arthritis, labral tears, bursitis, IT band syndrome, or another hip condition, Regenerative Orthopedics is a treatment alternative you should look into. Many common hip pain treatments provide only temporary relief because they do not treat the root cause. At OrthoRegen®, the non-surgical options we offer address the root cause.

What Is the Root Cause of Many Cases of Hip Pain?

Oftentimes, the underlying cause of hip pain is instability due to ligament and/or tendon laxity. The instability occurs after some type of injury to these soft tissue structures of the joint. You may recall the actual injury, such as a sports injury, a fall, or an accident. It may also come from wear and tear over the years. And if the injury was strong enough to cause a tear to the hip labrum, then it is quite possible that there are also co-injuries to the ligaments and/or tendons of the hip.

How Does Instability Affect the Hip Joint?

Many painful hip conditions, including arthritis, begin with damage to the surrounding soft tissue, such as the ligaments. And until the instability is addressed, the joint degeneration will continue. That is because the instability generates abnormal joint motion.

But how do the instability and the “abnormal joint motion” affect the joint? You see, ligaments join bone to bone. They provide a good portion of the stability in the hip joint. Tendons also supply stability. When these soft tissue structures are injured, they become overstretched, and the joint moves around more. Stress is then placed on other structures of the joint, which causes damage to those other structures, and eventually wears them out.

If you try to picture a loose hinge in a cabinet door and consider how the loose door begins to move abnormally and then will hit at different spots on the door, you can get a better idea of what occurs during hip instability.

Can the Instability Be Fixed?

Joint instability due to ligament injury can be repaired with Regenerative Orthopedics, which includes Prolotherapy, PRP, and Stem Cells.

Sure, there are other treatments for hip pain, such as cortisone injections, but these injections only cover up the problem. They are not reparative. Not only that, but cortisone also boosts degeneration. That means the problem is only worsened with cortisone. Treatment is needed that will repair and regenerate the joint. That’s where Regenerative Orthopedics comes in.

Regenerative Orthopedics target the weakened ligaments and tendons that cause instability in the hip joint. But will the pain be addressed? Weakened ligaments actually send referral pain down the legs and buttocks. Therefore, this referral pain can also be addressed once the ligaments are strengthened with regenerative treatment.

Regenerative Orthopedics for Hip Pain and Injuries

Regenerative Orthopedics can comprehensively target the treatment of weakened ligaments and other soft tissue and safely eliminate hip pain and offer a vital alternative to hip surgery. These regenerative treatments stimulate the natural repair of the supportive ligaments and tendons of the hip joint and promote labrum and cartilage regeneration.

Studies show that Regenerative Orthopedics is an excellent option for pain relief and repair of many hip conditions. Plus, if you are looking to avoid hip surgery, these treatments are effective alternatives to surgery. In advanced cases of degeneration, PRP or Stem Cells may be recommended.

If you are experiencing hip pain, or if hip surgery has been recommended, seek a non-surgical alternative such as Regenerative Orthopedics. Our team at OrthoRegen® would be happy to serve you.