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What To Ask When Looking for A Prolotherapist

When looking for a Prolotherapist, you definitely want the physician to be experienced. OrthoRegen®, is grateful to have Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, an experienced physician dedicated to providing highly effective, individualized Regenerative Orthopedic treatment plans that relieve pain and help patients return to sports, work, and activities quickly and safely. If you are serious about receiving regenerative treatments from a physician who has many years of experience in repairing the joint injury, then OrthoRegen®, is for you!

When Looking for a Prolotherapist, Find Out How Much of the Practice Is Dedicated to Prolotherapy?

Find out if Prolotherapy is really what they are experts at or is it something they do once in a while. At least 50% of the doctor’s practice should be Prolotherapy. And it’s better if it is more.

Find Out Whether the Physician Does Prolotherapy on Every Joint?

It is important to find out whether the physician treats the back, knees, shoulder, neck, ankle, feet, wrist, hand, and every other joint? Why or why not? Do they lack the confidence to treat every area? Do they lack training or experience?

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Where Did the Physician Learn Their Prolotherapy Skills?

How did the Prolotherapist learn their skills? And do they take continuing education in it on a regular basis? It also helps to know whether the Prolotherapist instructs others on how to do it. Peter A. Fields, MD, DC continues to teach other doctors on an ongoing basis and gives seminars on Regenerative Orthopedics.

I’m Looking for a Prolotherapist, Can You Give Me a Local Referral from a Physician Who does the Treatments You Do?

Some people may ask us for a referral to someone closer to them. Unfortunately, we do not have specific referrals for outside of our office, especially if we have not seen someone for an exam and to thoroughly review their case, imaging, and other factors important when doing a detailed exam. We understand that it is not feasible for all patients to come here.  Hopefully, the information we share in our articles can at least help people to learn more about the possible reason for their symptoms.

We do try to help educate people and provide information that would help build the understanding about Prolotherapy and the other forms of Regenerative Orthopedics, and how these treatments might be a consideration for various conditions. But keep in mind that every Prolotherapist is different, just like with any medical specialty. We simply do not know everyone who practices or what types of cases their office accepts.

We would love for you to choose Peter A. Fields, MD, DC and OrthoRegen.®      However, if you need to choose someone closer, we suggest that you speak in detail with the team and/or provider whom you are considering seeing. If the location of a medical provider is most important to you, Google may be a good place to start. And if you do find someone near you, contact them about their experience with your condition and determine if you feel they might be a good fit for your case.

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