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Imagine that your joints degenerate to the point where you are in constant, severe pain. You are wary of surgery, but your doctor tells you there’s a better method: stem cells. Somehow, he’s able to use stem cells to regenerate your joints or repair your spine. This isn’t something out of science fiction or a vision from a far-flung future: it’s the present. When you have the right stem cell doctor in Santa Monica by your side, you can heal your joints and spine without surgery.

Restoring Your Painful Joints with Your Own Stem Cells

At OrthoRegen, our Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy combines four regenerative Orthopedic procedures including two types of stem cells (fat and bone), PRP, and Dextrose Prolotherapy. That’s a lot of reparative cells and growth factors to do the job of healing and repair! Most other regenerative medicine clinics  only utilize one or two, at best. By using all four, we’re able to offer our patients a better, more comprehensive treatment. It’s important to realize these cells are autologous. That means they come from your own body, and we’re simply returning them to the injured areas of your body for repair and regeneration. 

Stem Cell Doctor in Santa Monica

Injecting the Stem Cells

Once we’ve drawn the regenerative cells, we centrifuge them and/or concentrate them. Through this process, we’re able to get a solution that has the highest possible amount of regenerative cells. Then, we inject them right into the injured or degenerated joint. The regenerative cells and growth factors get right to work boosting the healing cascade, so the joint can repair. Stem cells can regenerate all different kinds of joint structures: ligaments, meniscus, cartilage, and bone. So if joint structures are damaged, Regenerative Orthopedics has a great chance of repairing them.

Incorporating Platelet Rich Plasma

We also use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as part of the Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy  to accelerate the healing. PRP uses plasma derived from your own blood, with a highly concentrated amount of blood platelets. What makes these blood platelets so special is that they can speed up the body’s healing process through their vast amount of growth factors.

Dextrose Prolotherapy for Stabilization

The final Regenerative Orthopedic procedure we utilize is Dextrose Prolotherapy.  With Prolotherapy, we inject a dextrose solution to trigger a mild inflammatory response in the body. This is the process the body naturally uses as part of the healing cascade. The tendons and ligaments are generally low in blood supply, and this technique stimulates the blood flow which provides these structures with the nutrition they need for healing. Dextrose Prolotherapy gives the body this boost to get the healing process into high gear. As part of Stem Cell therapy, the Dextrose Prolotherapy to the ligament and tendon structures on the outside of the joint repairs these injured joint structures so the joint can move normally, in a stable and normal fashion. 

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For most patients, only a handful of treatments are required for repair. That’s often far less time (especially considering recovery time) than surgery would require, to say nothing of how much pain surgery could leave you in. Wondering if you’re a good candidate for our stem cell treatment? Schedule an appointment with us by calling 310-453-1234.